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Free shipping on orders over 100$ (Canada)
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About Us

Pinnacle Collective was founded by brothers Nic and Dom Kouadio. Driven by an early passion for fashion, the duo developed from a young age an appreciation for quality clothing and unique designs. Inspired by music, street culture and art in its many forms, Pinnacle Collective is an homage to the community that fashion can forge, shape and give back to. 

As a brand, we vow to provide luxury loungewear that focuses on simplicity, aesthetic and originality. Our team works tirelessly behind the scenes to find premium fabrics and embellishments. Each item is analyzed carefully to ensure it meets the brothers' standards. The Pinnacle Collective team is also committed to provide high quality service and products.

We also aim to build a diverse community of artists. A place where creatives can feel like they belong and where success is measured by personal fulfillment. This community would serve as a catalyst for individual and collective excellence. 
The brand's motto is: "Dress Good. Feel Good. Do Good"